Effective Public Speaking in English

Using natural intonation and lexis choice to communicate more clearly and confidently

When speaking another language we spend time on correct grammar and the right vocabulary, but being able to deliver the information in a clear and confident manner can sometimes make all the difference.

You might be clear on what you want to say, but almost as important can be how it is said. Even for native speakers of English, speaking in front of a group can be nerve-wracking, and requires little training and practice.

In this course the student will learn how to deliver the information in a fluid natural way, sounding confident and assured while using English cadence and intonation in order to better communicate.

In the preparation stage we will look at how some vocabulary and structures can maximise the impact of speech when effectively used.
And in the delivery stage we will look at how voice, gestures and stance can combine to give the student the best opportunity to communicate effectively.

Throughout the course the student will have the opportunity to practice public speaking and will receive ongoing feedback. They will learn to recognise what makes speech effective and will learn the tools to develop that in their own speaking.

Course Contents

  • Choosing your register
  • Speech intonation
  • Pausing and using the passive voice effectively
  • How your choice of grammar structure can affect your delivery
  • Rating your own speech and that of others to continue improvement into the future

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